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Whether this is your first-time seeking treatment or you have prior experiences with psychotherapy, it takes courage to seek help. I have experience treating all ages with an in-depth approach, beginning with meeting you and working to understand the difficulties you are facing. I offer a space that fosters fuller experiencing and understanding of your inner emotional life, including feelings, thoughts, dreams and fantasies. In connection with me, your symptoms and problematic patterns can become understood in new ways, leading to emotional growth and a greater capacity to make meaningful changes in your life. I provide dynamic therapy in-office and by videoconference to people whose location or commitments make it difficult to attend in-person meetings.


In contrast to a culture that has largely moved towards a 'quick fix' mentality that ultimately fails, I offer a space where deeper exploration and change is possible.


With children, I provide a variety of mediums for play and expression, facilitating many avenues of access to a child's inner world. Through my skills and understanding, I help build up emotional muscle, mastery of feelings and restore progressive psychological development. My advanced training makes use of ongoing parent work throughout the treatment.

I offer psychodynamic psychotherapy to all age groups. The modality and frequency of treatment is typically determined in the initial evaluation phase.

I am out-of-network with insurance companies, but encourage you to contact me regardless to talk about your specific situation.

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