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congenital heart disease (CHD) consultation

Facing the challenges and unique mental health needs of the CHD community.

I have worked with parents, families, children, adolescents, adults and professionals within the CHD community. I also have experience consulting with CHD camps and developing programs that address the unique needs of children and adolescents living with CHD. You may refer to my writings page for related publications.


For parents:​

  • recently informed about a fetal or newborn diagnosis

  • dealing with social, emotional, attachment-related and/or other psychological and developmental concerns with their infant-child-adolescent

  • struggling with emotional or behavior problems with their infant-child-adolescent

  • concerned about the impact of CHD on family and siblings

  • seeking help with understanding the intra-psychic impact and implications for parenting of their infant-child-adolescent

For medical & research professionals:​

  • clinical consultation regarding emotional, mental, psychological and other developmentally related concerns with CHD patients

  • consultancy services for research targeting the CHD population


For mental health professionals:​

  • clinical consultation regarding cases involving congenital heart disease and/or medical trauma

For hospitals, organizations, CHD camps and Congenital Heart Disease Centers:​

  • presentations, workshops, seminars

    • understanding the inner, emotional world of the child/adolescent with CHD

    • family, parenting and sibling issues

    • medical trauma

    • transitioning to adult care

  • CHD camp activity and therapeutic program development

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